Launching My Dog

Dobby the dog Book Launch

  This past Sunday, I launched a book about my dog. The book (entitled He Found Me) tells the story of the special little pup I rescued while living in Panama. Unlike other book launches I’ve done, I didn’t take […]

Colina Linda

The beginning of something–a kind of character sketch. Inspired by my MinnSpec writing group. The grandmothers of Colina Linda tell stories inherited from their grandmothers. Tales of misdeeds and heroics, of shape-shifting animals, of lovers and the witches who tear […]

The Alley (an excerpt from Find Frank) [Story #16]

I’m cheating a bit this week. This isn’t really a short story, but a disturbing little excerpt from my novel-in-progress, Find Frank. I’ve had a busy week, but the good news is that I’ve managed to spend a couple hours […]

The Evil Eye [Story #5]

Week 5! How are you holding up? This week, I was tasked with writing a short story for my speculative fiction writing group in East St. Paul. The prompt: You’ve received an unusual gift from someone. Ready, set, write! Here’s […]

She Flies [Story #1]

Follow me on my journey as I write a story a week for an entire year. This is story #1. Oil pastel drawing by Kate Bitters She follows the sound of her own voice out the door and across the […]

52 Stories in 52 Weeks

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have a confession to make: I haven’t been writing. Sure, I’ve been doing my freelance stuff—writing blog posts, newsletters, and website copy for clients—but I haven’t been writing for myself. Putting pen to paper […]

What $2 Can Get You (Plus, an eBook Sale!)

Hello friends and readers! Wednesday the 2nd marks the first day of a four-day eBook sale for Ten Thousand Lines. You can snap it up for a mere $1.99 from now until Saturday. What can $2 get you these days? […]

Double Book Release Challenge #3: Book Release Party

Last Sunday, I released both my novel (Ten Thousand Lines) and my children’s book (¿Cómo se Llama tu Llama?) into the world. It’s a scary thing–letting others’ eyes see your work, letting your naked heart beat outside your body. You […]