Writers: Dare to feel life deeply

  Memorable writing is provocative writing. It challenges our thinking; it creates emotional swells. Memorable writing puts us in a place and allows us to see, smell, touch, taste the surroundings. We’re there. We’re feeling the feels. We’re inside the […]

Seeing into the future is a drag [Story #20]

Daniel wasn’t thrilled about being a prophet. Seeing into the future was a drag. So much doom and gloom—animals dying, plants shriveling up from the too-hot sun, wars, famine, general malaise.  “Must be great,” people would say, “being able to […]

Find Frank Excerpt [Story #19]

A book within a book. In my forthcoming novel, we find a maleficent mystery surrounding a children’s book called Find Frank. An investigative reporter tries to unearth the truth behind its sinister pages while getting to the bottom of a year-long […]

Ruby [Story #18]

Story #18 is based on true events. Names haven’t been changed because I hope ol’ Ruby will stumble upon this blog someday and remember… Ruby’s voice was made of gravel and Virginia Slims. She would wake up at noon and […]

The Scientist’s House [Story #17]

I’ve been reading some short stories lately by Isaac Asimov. His bizarre plot lines, lack of character description, and oftentimes humorous writing style has definitely influenced this story. I tried to focus on developing an interesting (and funny, I hope) […]

Tree Talker [Story #12]

I’m over a fifth of the way done with the 52 stories in 52 weeks challenge. For story #12, I was given the following prompt from one of my writing groups:  Which is the oldest tree in your neighborhood and […]

Magic Plastic Land [Story #11]

Image courtesy of quotesvil.com I stroll along plastic brick streets lined with cotton candy bushes, tasting the filtered air. Magic Plastic Land. Birds dip down and snatch gumdrops out of outstretched hands, their cashew beaks holding the prize until they […]

Chain Links [Story #10]

Story #10 (in my 52 stories series) is really more of a poem than a story…but there’s a story inside it. See if you can find it.This one was written after winning the short course in the 2015 Babes in […]

Double Book Release Challenge #3: Book Release Party

Last Sunday, I released both my novel (Ten Thousand Lines) and my children’s book (¿Cómo se Llama tu Llama?) into the world. It’s a scary thing–letting others’ eyes see your work, letting your naked heart beat outside your body. You […]