Puffy and heavy-lidded. I am a time traveler. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds. Chugging across time zones. Bobbing on the cusp of sleep, only to be reeled back by baby crying, man kicking seat, angry flight attendant leaning […]

Feelin’ the Love from NC

This is the cherry on top of my visit at Laurelhurst.  Read more about that visit HERE. **Leibfried is the correct spelling if you’re trying to search for Elmer Left.

99% Perspiration

“I am certain there are many people out there who are better writers than me, but until they put pen to paper, how am I to know?” Inspiration can only take a person so far.  The rest involves hard work, […]

I Dare You…

I dare you to type my name (Kate Leibfried) into Amazon’s search engine.  Go ahead.  See what you find 🙂 It’s an incredible experience to see my book on the web.  Visible.  Vulnerable.  Ready for everyone to pick apart and […]