Writers: Dare to feel life deeply

  Memorable writing is provocative writing. It challenges our thinking; it creates emotional swells. Memorable writing puts us in a place and allows us to see, smell, touch, taste the surroundings. We’re there. We’re feeling the feels. We’re inside the […]

Witch Hunter [Story #6]

A sequel to week #5. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend reading last week’s story before diving into this one. But hey, it’s your life. Story #6: Witch Hunter www.katebitters.com We are still five kilometers out, but I swear I can […]


Don’t use it’s as a possessive.  Don’t like participles dangle.  Don’t write words with numb3rs (unless you’re seven!). These are some of the useful tips Weird Al offers in his new music video about grammar: Word Crimes.  It’s based off […]