Writers: Dare to feel life deeply

  Memorable writing is provocative writing. It challenges our thinking; it creates emotional swells. Memorable writing puts us in a place and allows us to see, smell, touch, taste the surroundings. We’re there. We’re feeling the feels. We’re inside the […]

Ideas Are Like Ankles

Today, I left my house to go for a very ordinary midday run. Out the door, to the right, down the street. Perfect weather to be outside. It lasted .38 miles. That’s when my foot hit the edge of the […]

Double Book Release Challenge #3: Book Release Party

Last Sunday, I released both my novel (Ten Thousand Lines) and my children’s book (¿Cómo se Llama tu Llama?) into the world. It’s a scary thing–letting others’ eyes see your work, letting your naked heart beat outside your body. You […]

The 3 Things I Learned About Marketing

Photo Credit: Tumblr One of the things writers/authors tend to loathe is promotion.  We’re little fish in a big, ol’ soupy pond of poetry and short stories and vampire novels and John Grisham and self-help books and the latest celebrity […]