Writers: Dare to feel life deeply

  Memorable writing is provocative writing. It challenges our thinking; it creates emotional swells. Memorable writing puts us in a place and allows us to see, smell, touch, taste the surroundings. We’re there. We’re feeling the feels. We’re inside the […]

Double Book Release Challenge #3: Book Release Party

Last Sunday, I released both my novel (Ten Thousand Lines) and my children’s book (¿Cómo se Llama tu Llama?) into the world. It’s a scary thing–letting others’ eyes see your work, letting your naked heart beat outside your body. You […]

The 3 Things I Learned About Marketing

Photo Credit: Tumblr One of the things writers/authors tend to loathe is promotion.  We’re little fish in a big, ol’ soupy pond of poetry and short stories and vampire novels and John Grisham and self-help books and the latest celebrity […]