Writers: Dare to feel life deeply

  Memorable writing is provocative writing. It challenges our thinking; it creates emotional swells. Memorable writing puts us in a place and allows us to see, smell, touch, taste the surroundings. We’re there. We’re feeling the feels. We’re inside the […]

Let’s talk about character names.

I recently finished reading a book in which a large number of the character names began with the letter K. There was Kevin, Katrina, Karl, Kenneth. My head reeled as I worked my way through the pages. “Who is doing […]

The Woman in Green [Story #25]

I’m continuing with my character exposes for my yet-to-be-written YA novel. This one plays off of the last post. I am an ancient being. Big as the stars and the gaps between them. Bigger than the data flowing through supercomputers—machines […]

Kermit McDermit and the Day of Fire [Story #24]

I’m planning on writing a series of exposés that delve into the backstories of certain characters in my yet-to-be-written young adult novel. Working title for the novel: Ellie Half-Shadow and the Mayan Curse.This one’s about Kermit… Kermit McDermit had the […]

She Wrote in Rainbows [Story #22]

Continuing my series. This is definitely more of a poem than a story…  Today I will write in rainbows, she said, and took out her white pen. All the colors filled the page and she began thinking of reds first, […]

Field Notes: The Woman at the Gym [Story #21]

My 21st story. Work is ramping up. I’m ghost writing a couple of books right now and it’s getting more and more difficult to find time to write for myself. Because of that, I didn’t edit the following story. It’s […]

[Intermission] Let’s Watch a TED Talk

I’m considering this week an intermission from my 52 stories in 52 weeks challenge. Please enjoy this TED Talk on the “surprising habits of original thinkers.” Kate Bitters is a freelance writer, founder of Click Clack Writing, and author of Elmer Left and Ten Thousand […]

Seeing into the future is a drag [Story #20]

Daniel wasn’t thrilled about being a prophet. Seeing into the future was a drag. So much doom and gloom—animals dying, plants shriveling up from the too-hot sun, wars, famine, general malaise.  “Must be great,” people would say, “being able to […]