Launching My Dog

Dobby the dog Book Launch

  This past Sunday, I launched a book about my dog. The book (entitled He Found Me) tells the story of the special little pup I rescued while living in Panama. Unlike other book launches I’ve done, I didn’t take […]

Ideas Are Like Ankles

Today, I left my house to go for a very ordinary midday run. Out the door, to the right, down the street. Perfect weather to be outside. It lasted .38 miles. That’s when my foot hit the edge of the […]

Writing Limbo

Sometimes I write something that I know is good.  I mean, earth-shattering, mind-blowing, gut-wrenching good.  Sometimes I’m not so sure.  Right now I’m experiencing the latter.  It happened in “Elmer Left” and it’s happening in “10,000 Lines.”  I call it […]

10,000 Lines: A Snippet

Hello reading world,   “Elmer Left” is out there.  It’s fending for itself (until I get on the ball with a bit more marketing).  To be honest, I’m a little sick of Elmer.  That will happen when you’ve read it […]

I’m Sorry (but not really…)

I haven’t posted anything new lately.  I haven’t been writing.  For that, I am sorry…but not really. I’m not really sorry because I’ve been editing and editing and editing and editing my novel, Elmer Left, so that it is shiny […]

Deciding to Self-Publish (A Rant)

We’re taking over the publishing world guerilla-style. Do you hear that Viking Press? Do you feel me Simon and Schuster? Are you picking up what I’m layin’ down Random House? We own you now, not vice versa. We’re in control […]

Fight for the Write

Sometimes we have to fight for our passions. If you’re a working artist, you understand. If you believe in having a life outside of work, you understand. If you’re passionate about anything–the guitar, your Jack Russell Terrier, traveling, your children, […]